Embedded Coding

We live in a world populated with electronic gadgets that have at their heart, a dedicated microcontroller chip. Creating the software code (known as firmware) for these devices is often termed Embedded Coding since the computer instructions are permanently embedded within the microcontroller, even without power applied.

We love to program these amazing devices - perhaps our favourites are the Atmel range (link) used in the popular Arduino series of projects (link) or the ubiquitous Microchip (link) range of devices. Programming support for both families is excellent with the AVR Studio for the ATMEL and MPLAB for Microchip - debugging is a breeze and we can rapidly craft a working application for you.

It is generally not appreciated that one MUST have good electronics skills to write reliable software for embedded devices; problems can arise from the hardware configuration that appear insoluble if you always see it as a firmware problem !

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